[HELP] Race highscore points

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Hey, I want create highscore list on my race server.

Example: TOP1 - 25 points, TOP2 - 20 points .. ... ..

If player1 got t1 he got 25 points, but If player2 got this top, player1 going on t2 and server need to got -25 points from player1 and give him 20(for top2).

I am never work with base from mta, so someone can show me some examples, how I can create this?



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You want to evaluate the top positions first, wait for all the tops and then give then points. This will not require to subtract points, hence saving you a lot of time and trouble. 

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I want dynamic system, so when player set toptime, his points will be refreshed and player will be ranked on top players list.

I am got idea. Create saving EVERY top for every race in sql or ini file.

Like t1 - t1.ini, t2-t2.ini bla bla.. 

In this file, you write user account id, and in script you add him points.

The problem is in realization, how create files for every top time

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