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[LF/OFFERING] ImplicitGaming Roleplay needs proffesional staff

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Dear Lady's and Gentleman,

For my server I'm looking for someone that like's to play in a Roleplay server!

I want someone that has experience and likes to communicate with other people and someone that takes control over the team.

This is why I want someone that likes to do this and want to work with me on the server.

Because I want to create an community I want loyal people like the player is a king.

For the rest I would love to have an scripter wich could help me a bit out for some good money. 

For the rest please join my discord channel for more information and I'm hiring Administrators and Game Masters to by the way maybe something for you contact me on discord ass well.

Click here to join the Discord Server

You might take a look at mine YouTube channel to have an view from the server :)

Click here to go to the YouTube Channel from Ruben

Also you can take a look at my topic on the forum

ImplicitGaming Roleplay topic

ZadeServers - for all your hosting


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Good Luck :O , If You Needed A Forums You Can send a discord msg



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On 06/06/2019 at 07:37, Dre said:

Good Luck 😮 , If You Needed A Forums You Can send a discord msg



Dear Dre, I've quitted MTA my self but gave the server to my co owner as he resumed it. But still thanks for the offer.

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