I forgeted to close my injector again, so banned.

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Hello Dutchman if you reading this, but im a dumb kiddo, and i again forgeted to close my injector so i got banned..



same again as (maybe i forgot to close injector but i think i didn't run it this time when i got banned)

(the ban appeal no. 2 has expired and i got banned now, when im writing this)

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I apologize for the delay in responding (I was on vacation), but the real reason for these bans is an underlying technical issue with hibernation of your PC, or something similar that compresses or saves memory/running processes. You already deleted GH DLL injector but due to this, the detection still triggers.

Perform a full reboot (not sleep mode or hibernation) by clicking start > power menu > restart PC

Note: unbanned early, just make sure to prevent it from happening again.


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