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Hi, my name is Lucas the other day I was playing normal but when I left MTA and came back I said "you were banned by MTA" reason: "SCRIPT BACKDOORS" I do not know what that is but I need help that ban was unfairly ..
serial is 511D6AFCBCDE740A6339049499014192

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We discovered that you used backdoor commands on a server you intended to breach, using the so-called TK-DLE resource.

Malicious hacking activity will not be tolerated and can result in a global MTA ban. We were already on the track of identifying you as TK member or individual from R9 Freeroam (which has made itself known for illegal acts lately; refer to for details) and thus it came to no surprise that we actually saw you using these backdoor tools; it seems to be in the nature of you guys.

Unfortunately caught, appeal denied.

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