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[HELP] 2 worlds, race + time trial mode

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Hello. I am got idea to make time trial mode on my race server.

What I think for time trial mode?  Just example, player from race type /tt and that send him in time trial mode, player got dialog with races(But races for tt), can pick one race and play, got toptimes bla bla and can go back again in classic race mode.

Someone have idea how create something like this? 

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Well, it sounds like an entire gamemode from scratch.

You need:

  1. Teleport command.
  2. Races.
  3. GUI for races.
  4. Script for toptimes.
  5. A timer function for the races.
  6. etc.
  7. etc.

What do you need exactly?

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Same like in classic race mode, but in this mode player drive alone, and can pick race what want playing.

Biggest problem is, how to make this "switching", from race to something new

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Btw I want create multi gamemode, 1 race + 1 more. Thats the point.

In this second gamemode, same races. But player can pick 1 race and drive this race

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