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Memory usage on Linux

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I am having a little problem with my server, I have a multi gamemode script and a VPS with 1GB of RAM, after an hour or so the server crashes due to memory limitations, it seems that it reaches the 1GB of RAM limit, and since the VPS doesn't have swap, the server crashes.

I use mySQL and there are no 'big' variables server-side, almost all request are sent to mySQL (for example, to get map name)

When I start the server the first time, the memory usage is around 350mb

If I stop all the resources, the memory doesn't go down, so for example if memory usage is 700mb and I stop all resources (actually, it's only ONE resource that holds everything), the memory stays on 700mb.

Is the solution to get more RAM or there is another issue?


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This is very interesting topic, because on linux I get also much higher memory usage in comparsion with windows if I can trust what ipb resource is showing to me. If I get on linux 1,6gb ram usage then on windows i get only ~200mb with the same scripts.

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