Banned "Antyhack #5"

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Hello, yesterday I was playing on MTA on 4Life server, I was doing a job, driving a small car and cleaning roads to make money. The more I will collect pollutions, the more I will get cash. 

I was driving and collecting pollutions about 3 and half hours, I collected 150kg of pollutions what is about 7000PLN (currency using on this server), and when I was on spot to unload pollutions, my game has been paused and I got notification about ban "Disconnect, You has been banned by console: Antyhack #5". I searched on internet about it then I found on MTA Wiki about it and I can see its because of Detects use of trainer.

I wasn't using any trainer or program which was helping me with game.  

I also have some short records, from Snapchat when I was making that job for 3 hours, but I can't attach an mp4 here.

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Okay, Thank you


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