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[SELLING] DayZ ULTIMATE style MTA DayZ epoch script.

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So as i'm getting kinda boored & tired of MTA scripting and owning a server, i want to sell my MTA DayZ gamemode. Things that are in this gamemode:

  • Custom admin panel &  admin duty
  • hidden staff tag while off duty
  • radiation system
  • global mapping
  • zombie boss system
  • level & xp system
  • vehicle mods, custom objects
  • many custom guns
  • built in multi-language system
  • built in VIP panel
  • cylinder base system
  • loot & vehicle spawning panel
  • custom group system
  • top 100 players

For price & more info, contact me on discord: AlexLV#9915 



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What is your discord again? It doesn't work. I'd like to get in contact with you.


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