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[Blog] Measurement & Co (by IJs)

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Today we've pretty much stress tested our entire release, as you will most likely read in any upcoming posts on this blog, the site and/or the forum.

In this short post I'll be giving you some results of the measurements I've been doing on our primary beta test server.

The primary server is essentially a dual Xeon 2.8 gHz server with HyperThreading support, 2GB of RAM, running the almighty Debian Linux distribution.

(Most of these measurements were made with 14 players.)

Speaking of processing power, the MTA server doesn't need much: the average CPU usage percentage was lower than 0.5%.

The memory footprint is also very small: with 14 players, only 8 MB of resident (= physical) memory is used.

Bandwidth wise, as said earlier, the measurements tell us the server receives about 0.75 KB/s average (with peaks of 1.0KB/s), and transmits about 4.3 KB/s average (with peaks of 5.7KB/s) per player. These numbers decrease whenever someone dies, so there' s a significant difference between 5 people racing and 15 people racing.

The transmit rate depends on the amount of players. These measurements were made with about 14 people. But don't expect the transmit rate to be 4.3 * 2 = 8.6 KB/s with 28 players, it will most likely be a lot less than that. And besides that.. I bet only 2 of those 28 players will survive the finish line on some of the races I know ;)

Overall, as you can see the server is very lightweight. :)

It may even run 16 slots on a Pentium II + 64MB + text-based Linux hooked up to a 10mbit line..

Time to power on all your dusty old Pentium's again? Who knows? ;)

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/me drops dead.

Nice progress, keep up the good work. ;D

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