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Hello there!

I just started to develop some fun scripts to the MTA SA (1.5.6) 

Im not a professional LUA programmer but as good i see on forums (stack overflow etc.) there is a way to import or use functions from other lua files with "require"

My problem is that the "require" isnt working for me and i cant import functions from other lua file.I will not paste code because i tried every possible combinations of using the "require"

Is there some way to use functions from other file? can i use "require" or there is a alternative for it?

Thank you for your answrs 😊

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The require function is disabled in MTA. Every script in your meta.xml shares the same global table _G, you don't have to import any scripts. If you define a global function in one script, it will be available in the other script - but you can't call functions directly on client/server from server/client respectively, you would have to use events.

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