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I need help, I was banned unfairly for 150 days, reason: RAT It's been over a month now, thinking that they would cut me loose. I want to help me


my serial: 3796CD8277C21D7168BE0A63D2FB7C94

Photo of now: https://imgur.com/a/8WBPASZ

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You were banned on proven suspicion of deliberately infecting another MTA player with a remote RAT (backdoor/hacking virus).

It's not my ban, @ccw may handle it; if there's no processing, it means this appeal is automatically denied (for weighed reasons) which will result in a topic lock in a few days.

If there's a good time to be honest, @LendaRC, it's now.

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14 minutes ago, Dutchman101 said:

Você foi banido por suspeita comprovada de infectar deliberadamente outro jogador do MTA com um RAT remoto (vírus de backdoor / hacking).

Não é minha proibição, @ccw  pode lidar com isso; se não houver processamento, isso significa que esse recurso é negado automaticamente (por motivos importantes), o que resultará em um bloqueio de tópico em alguns dias.

Se há um bom momento para ser honesto, @LendaRC , é agora.

What do you mean, bro? I never messed with these hacking things, I never had any interest
My english is not very good, I'm Brazilian


Proven? I do not know how!
I have never harmed anyone, and I have no interest in harming anyone.
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I forgot to add a little

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