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Does MTA completely disallow custom textures on the gta3.img or is it a bug?

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I've noticed since an upate in july 2018 it isn't really possible to have modified textures anymore. But it has a weird order:

Most of those objects who got their textures changed just disappear in the game, some of them get their original textures back and some keep the custom ones.

The collision and shadow of the invisible objects is still there.


When I enter a server or the mapeditor it laggs pretty heavily at first and when I try to create an object in the mapeditor which has custom textures and isn't visible, it laggs so hard that i can't place it in the world.

Is this meant to be a disallowance to use custom textures in MTA?

Btw: This bug/disallowance doesn't effect to all vehicles.


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