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Hello Everybody !

            Please help me to fix below script with XML file.

There's a XML file called 'codes.xml'. Inside of that XML file looks like below.

<pass characters="1234" allowed="true" />
<pass characters="5678" allowed="true" />
<pass characters="9012" allowed="true" />

Characters shown in above XML is used as a security key for open a certain door. Each character set can be used only once. There's a LUA script which is not completed yet can be seen below.

function open(player, command, code)
    if code then

Well. If any player command as /pass 5678 , then the door will be open as security code is inserted in the previous XML file. But I need your help to make this work.

* When a player command, how to check that the security code is inserted in XML file ?

* When the security code is right, how to change corresponding allowed node to false ?

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