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[Blog] Quick Update on RC1 (by eAi)

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We've tested RC1 quite extensively - we had a 16+ player test yesterday and it went really well. It seems we have one crash that we're not sure the origin of - its pretty rare anyway. I'm going to look into this tomorrow and see if we can fix it. If I can't find the origin of it, we'll have to release without it and enlist the community's help in finding it's cause. Anyway, apart from that, RC1 is pretty much perfect - we've made a few changes for the voting system for an RC2 as currently it is too easy for people who have lost a race to vote to change to another race, meaning that the winner never actually finishes - frustrating for them!

We also had the pleasure of inviting to join us in the test - they've got a news item on the subject on their site and an exclusive screenshot - head over to to check it out! Expect a full review, screenshots and videos from them as we near the release.

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