[REL] MTA Custom Data System [Save CPU and Ram]

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MTA Lua Custom Data System

What is this?:

MTA's own functions create a high of cpu and high of usage ram.

Therefore I keep the element data with the table system.


How can I use?:


paste to the file script you want to use,

Then add meta.xml:

<script src='sync_element.lua' type='shared' />


You can only return data from scripts where you use the library.

Download Link:

Download Here - GitHub



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First download the script and open files, find the files:                                                                                                                                                                                                             


And import the your third party resource, then use:

getElementData(element, data, value)
setElementData(element, data, value)
removeElementData(element, data, value)

or you can use export:

exports.custom_data:getElementData(element, data, value)
exports.custom_data:setElementData(element, data, value)
exports.custom_data:removeElementData(element, data, value)


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Can i use this method for save the players money and skin and .... ??

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