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Hello, is there any way to allow the in-game web browser to load any page? for example, when I enter on Gmail, the mail images don't load.


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MTA's browser uses CEF which is an open-source chromium browser platform. By default however MTA has a protection feature for players, by making it so that they have to verify or confirm the site that they are entering, unless it is a site that MTA by default has allowed. This can be bypassed if you run a site with its own virtual browser. This makes it so when the players confirm your site, they will no longer have to confirm any others.

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Or listen for the resourceBlocked event and request each blocked domain to be unblocked.

addEventHandler('onClientBrowserResourceBlocked', browser, function(url)
    requestBrowserDomains({url}, true, function(accepted)
      if accepted then


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