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ban for injector dll


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Hello, I write cordially to you because today at the hour between 2 and 3 playing in mta and metina I fired the injector after a while I was banned by mta not know what happened I was so focused on playing in metina that I did not care when I go to mta today go to the server for which I usually play after a few hours when I'm off, and I'm looking to get banned by dll injector did not know that injector is a creep thing on mta and I wanted to apologize for my mistake with a bad program I would like to ask for a unban if it's possible I have been playing mta for 6 years and have never had a reason like today I do not use any support because for me it is not playing with auxiliaries if it is possible to unban me or even shorten the penalty for a few hours, ps sorry for mistakes in English, but I'm not delicious in this language


series 81DD4A81E6FAFD7B8E72AF357BBF6343

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that is, wait a whole and just as something would want to fire it is best to close the mta then whatever you smoke, and if I ask I will find somewhere regulations or something like that which is punished or what not have to have turned on?

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  • MTA Anti-Cheat Team

The ban expired rather quickly.

Just don't run DLL injectors while MTA is running in the background to avoid problems in the future, as you can see it results in a ban.

Reason for the delay in my response: This section isn't intended for those with a very temporary ban, already knowing what happened.

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