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Today i ran MTA and this time when i tried to connect to a server, a box showed up and it said you are banned from MTA for 4h and the reason is trainer, idk. what I did, I waited the 4h and after that i got banned forever. pls help me.

MY serial:A69232D6210B910B373B4CDAB010E3F4

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Avast antivirus is messing with a DLL injector in the background, possibly due to having said injector quarantained and constantly trying to scan it.

Open Avast, and empty the quarantaine (delete all detected items, that is). After that, just to make sure, force-close Avast, and go to this folder:


Delete all .tmp files in there (select all and delete). Now, restart your PC and make sure Avast is running again.

Note: if they won't delete for some reason, try the solutions listed at https://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=85750.0


Your ban has been removed, to make sure it won't happen again you should take these steps. @Tibo11

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