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Hello MTA, sorry if my English is bad

I'm looking for a way to load a website in the game, for example a website that I have

I have a code like this

function register_panel( )
	local screenWidth, screenHeight = guiGetScreenSize()
	local windowWidth, windowHeight = 1280, 720
	local left = screenWidth/2 - windowWidth/2
	local top = screenHeight/2 - windowHeight/2
	local window = guiCreateWindow( left, top, windowWidth, windowHeight , "Register", false )
	local browser = guiCreateBrowser( 0, 28, windowWidth, windowHeight -60, false, false, false, window )
	local theBrowser = guiGetBrowser( browser )
	guiWindowSetSizable(window, false)
	requestBrowserDomains({ "" })
	addEventHandler( "onClientBrowserCreated", theBrowser, 
		function( )
			loadBrowserURL( source, "" )
	local close = guiCreateButton(0, 700, 1280, 50, "CLOSE", false, window)
	addEventHandler ( "onClientGUIClick", close, 
			guiSetVisible(window, false)


In the code above, the website I intended to load does not appear, but there is a dialog box asking for permission to open the link. But when opening youtube for example, the website opens normally. Can someone help me? Thanks before

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