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[ REQ ] MTA gamemode/dev team / project


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Eh me again, here's from 2015 year topic which i'm opening again (After 3 years xD), in hope of finding team/gamemode sutiable for roleplay server.

Long story short i'm owner of one of the largest SAMP server with 1 thousand players peak every day, and while i do lay hope in SAMP i still wanna try MTA as it has many advantages, security and anticheat upgrades which samp can only dream of, nevertheless speaking of LUA/pawn comparison.

Now, i have found few devs back in 2017, and started editing some gamemode, and while many people contributed scripts, i still wanna try buying/hiring an exsisting roleplay script/RPG/team(or some project which didn't succeed), since most of these devs gave up/dont have time to contribute, therefore i'm here again to ask for help.

Since i'm employed in real life and also leading one of the large gaming organization, i still haven't focused so much on that part of development for MTA and searching of dev team, and i hope i will get more free time this upcoming year (2019) to progress and HOPEFULLY open a MTA server as it was my plan last 3 years.

Don't get me wrong, i love SAMP(all cheers to Kalcor), its my first love and i surely won't close SAMP but still MTA is something which really attracts me and show's me the true feeling of playing GTA, i got tired of SAMP cheating and exploiting and pawn limits which are killing my nerves, but for some reason all my players love samp and  hates MTA (prolly in fear to try something new who knows). That's where i come in play to show people what MTA is capable of and let them decide what modification is the best ; )

Eh, so this is my last cry of help for doing something, yes i know there would be feedback such as "WELL LEARN YOURSELF", or similar, i'd like really but time just doesn't let me do it. And i tried hiring many devs, spammed many questions here on forums, but unfortunately no luck/failed communications. 

As to mention, MONEY is not a problem, if you have some project you have started yourself/complete RPG gamemode(not the leaked ones as MTA dev team will prolly ban me or something), write me PM PLEASE and we will discuss. If you have any questions write me pm, if you need anything write me PM^_^ 

Hope i didn't take much of your time and wish you all the best and happy holidays!



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