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=[WSK]= - West Side Killers


About the clan:

We're a new clan in mta, we're an international clan and

that's because anybody that are good should be able to

join us where he/she than comes from.

And we're looking for good skilled players to join us and

if you think that you have what it takes and that you are

a good team/player then just ask one of our members if you

could join the gang.

And he/she will test you out and if

you're good enough as you say then you will get to join.

And our members usually are in our servers.


Public Deathmatch Server:

Private Scrim Server:

Public Stunt Server:

Public GTA3 Server:










Clan rules:

There is 7 simple Clan rules to follow:

1: No Cheating (mods, hacks, trainers etc) that will result in a kick from both the clan and a ban from the server.

2: Don't pause in any battles, gangwars etc.

3: No Spawnkilling or nade glitching is allowed.

4: Try to respect your clan members and other people you play with even if you don't like them.

5: Don't bitch, argue or whine with others only cause you lose a game or getting killed.

6: Always team up with your fellow clan members.

7: You should always listen to what the leaders in the gang says, whether you like it or not.

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Hi iam JuelZ From West Side Killers

If there is any clan out there that needs a US gameserver host, we are willing to help clans out by hosting there gaming server.

We whould also appreciate it very much if people could donate a few bucks to keep our servers up! All of our servers are 100mbps

Here are some Specs:

If anyone is looking or needs some help getting a game server we are here to help, as well we would appreciate any other clans donating to keep us going and we could keep others going.


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Thanks y'all will be looking forward to matches against other clans in our match server. :D

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Thanks for the GL's we sure will be needing it.

The site and teamspeak will be up soon for everyone to visit and join.

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nice offtopic discussion.. looks like you guys have some dedication to actually move this gang off the ground. good luck, you won't beat KFC ;)

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btw, how do you kill 2/3 of 4 people? gg.

Don't you understand english, or do I have to talk jibberish for you to understand what I'm saying? I said fuck off this thread if you're going to talk shit to others in here, contact him by Msn, Aim, PM etc but not here please cause if you think this is a flame thread then you think totally wrong, and I hope this is the last time that I have to say this.

Clan news:

The site is now finally up at:

The reason it took a few days for it to come up is that I've only worked 2-3 hours with it, and that's cause I've been very busy.

The site is coded in XHTML and CSS.

We went more for the professional than the "eye candy" look :)

By the way, the site logo is just a temp one that has just text in it, I will be making one with some gta screens in it also but later.

It should look/work the same in these browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera etc.

The forums should also be up soon!

You will be able to request both matches and to join the clan by posting a request in our forums that will be comming up soon, ither that or you can come to our servers and ask us there.

But just in case that no one of us is in any of our servers you could also request it by the forums too and we will review your request and then contact you back.

Regards, Frettub.

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We had a nice chat on msn and i wish this clan all the luck then need, well in basic words "Good Luck!" :P



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Thank you Spike.

We had a nice chat on msn and i wish this clan all the luck then need, well in basic words "Good Luck!" :P

Yeah, thanks for the good luck ;) I also want to say that Tommis helped us with the server script, so thanks alot Tommis for that too! :)

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It's for both, but the clan is down right now, because the other leader (Afro) is inactive, and I've also been busy.

Maybe the gang will come back again, who knows but for now it's down.

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