[Cops and Robbers/Roleplay] Police Pursuits of San Andreas [International]

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Police Pursuits of San Andreas - Cops and Robbers that someone took way too far


         Police Pursuits of San Andreas is a project made by two developers. It combines roleplay with cops and robbers in a way that is appealing to players and doesn't bore people after a few matches. When a match players, one to two players are chosen to be suspects, the rest are police officers. The suspect is usually wanted for X crime that gets announced to police officers through dispatch. Police officers respond to the location of the suspect and play it out. You have a suspect, you have a crime, the following is up to you. The suspect MAY or MAY NOT be armed.

        Efficient code that ensures a lag free and non-interrupted gameplay is one of the key features we are looking to achieve. The server won't have no ugly looking car mods or cop car handlings that turn your car into a NASA rocket in a city. The gamemode is completely made from scratch without using other code to ensure the best quality of the project. 

       A match lasts 7 minutes or until suspects are either killed or apprehended. Officers are equipped with technology that is seen in real life police departments. Tasers, spikestrips, roadblocks, air units, you name it. Advanced suspects have some advanced technologies that makes them tougher. 

      Media to be added in the upcoming few hours.


       We are still in development, however, we would be happy to see you in our Discord server where you can see live progress from our Github repo!


Stay in touch and talk with us!






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Sorry but I am extremely late for the media. It was pretty hard arranging the times so we can take some, and these are some basic screenshots. A video of a full scenario coming up soon!





Also, please mind my name, when starting a match, every player gets assigned a RP name, also known as fake name and I created a function where you can set a permanent one. I got original.

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