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[HELP] How to use .CMF files


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Firstly, I believe those aren't scripts, but rather models, images and whatnot - the filenames don't sound like script files. Secondly, it's probably a normal text file with either the raw data or encrypted (TEA perhaps) data. You can simply rename your models to use a different extention and they'll continue to work, while being more obscute to individuals lurking in downloaded resources cache. For more protection, you can store encrypted data in those files, and decrypt it on the go in a script.

Dignum memoria, decrypting anything on a remote machine requires you to send a decryption key to it (via event or as a constant in a script file, or some other way), meaning that it will be possible for people to decrypt the data on their own, just a lot harder.

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Yep, those files are just binary files with a changed extension. The random filename is intended to make identification harder.. someone who sets out to steal a specific model or image will have to put some work in or will (hopefully) be looking for a needle in a haystack. As far I know you cannot really encrypt such files, so it just takes a bit of file (meta)data analysis to recognize what it is and put back the right extension. If a .cmf file is actually an PNG file for example, and you open it with a text editor, then there'll be the word "PNG" at the beginning, just like DFF files will have model frame names in there. Therefore it's not save as the concealment is rather easy to undo.

Servers that use this 'method' are, as you said DayZ server and some PUBG servers. They most oftenly use custom software to conveniently apply it to any updates/files they add, and internally keep track of what is what.

This method can be compared with MTA being able to run compiled .luac files as .lua, or running files with Lua code contents as any extension.

If you rename client.lua to client.haha, and declare it in meta.xml as script file accordingly, it will execute as a script like it normally would. The same applies to binary files here.

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