CD16 Error - servicing.bat didn't work

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I finally managed to run servicing.bat without formatting my PC, and it didn't help. Still getting CD16 error.

The new MTADiag Pastebin:



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It seems like you've finally succeeded to connect and play today, please confirm and tell me what the fix was.

In cases like yours, where the problem doesn't seem to be related to your PC, I would provide instructions to access the router configuration and lower the internal firewall level, possibly use DMZ zone setting to test out, or reset the router with the small needle pin built into it physically, and additionally check on any other devices between your net line and the final (wifi) router.

It depends on the current situation whether or not I still need to provide that

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It connects me around 1/20 of the times i try to connect. and i'll check ur solution when i happens again

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47 minutes ago, GloblShot said:

i'll check ur solution when i happens again

Method (step-by-step in spoilers - click "Reveal hidden contents" below to start off)

Note: In cases like yours, it's advised to first try MTA with another PC if you have one around, to determine if all below instructions are relevant to you or which ones are. This may spare you some effort. This guide exists however because we know that if it doesn't depend on your PC (made more likely as a result of your re-install of Windows) that CD16 and similar errors are often network-dependent.



- Go to Networking center (rightclick start icon > Run or hit start and type "Run" + enter. Now type "control /name Microsoft.NetworkAndSharingCenter" and hit enter.

- Click your active connection to the right, which is the highlighted text near the signal or cable status icon (may appear for example like "WiFi 2 (NetworkName)"

- Select "details" once the connection tab has opened. Write down the "DHCP server" and "Default gateway" addresses listed in the dialog.


Open your web browser and grab the addresses you noted down from the first spoiler instructions. Now click "Reveal hidden contents" below on what to do next;



- Enter the written down local IP addresses (DHCP and gateway) into your browser and navigate to it like it were a regular website. Try both until you arrive at a router configuration page.

- If the config page asks for user/password, first try "admin" for both username and password, or either only "admin" as username and password blank, or vice-versa. You can also try leaving everything blank/using the pre-filled in details, as sometimes it wants you to set up your own login details on the first use of said interface.

In case you cannot login successfully, go to your router physically, look at the bottom or any sticker attached, often the user/pass will be printed on it. If it's not, take the router model from it or the case somewhere, and google said model in this fashion: "Routerbrand Modelnumber login details, or 'user and pass'. The default login credentials are often on the internet somewhere.


Now that you logged into the router configuration page, click "Reveal hidden contents" below for a list of settings you'll have to locate in that interface.



Note: you'll have to use each instruction in succession; each may lower your security, so it's important that you test if MTA works properly again after taking each step, and only proceed to the next one if it's still not resolved.

- Firewall: Lower the level of this internal firewall to the lowest level or disable it for now.

- NAT type: If this option is present, make it less strict, like by setting it to Full Cone NAT.

- DMZ zone: look up your MAC address (from the same Network center details tab as previously opened) and/or local IP. If the DMZ option asks for a MAC, enable the feature for your network card's MAC. If it asks for local IP, enter it into the field and then find another option in DHCP server properties called "Static lease" or similar, and enter your MAC and current IP so that the same local IP will always be assigned to your PC, so that the DMZ rule will remain valid if it would renew. A local IP has the format of 192.168.x.x, so make sure to use local one.

After making these changes, restart the router from the relevant tab in configuration or with the button, to make sure it takes effect.


If you have tried everything listed in the previous spoilers, then click "Reveal hidden contents" below;



- Check if the router you're configuring is the only router or modem, like is it connected straight to your home's net (DSL) line, or is it just connected to a main router? Or is your PC connected to the network through another router that is connected to the main one you're configuring? In either of the latter cases, locate the other router/modem, read its details, and try to login to the other router's configuration page, if neccesary using the separate wifi details on its sticker if it's not identical or a LAN cable. Perform all the same steps on the second router.

- Reset your router by either the configuration page reset option, or by holding the physical reset button for a while, or pressing the tiny reset button in its case with a pin or needle.

After the reset, use the connection details from the sticker to connect to its wifi; if your previous one was customised, this enables you to reconnect and if desired, put back all of your old wifi settings (network name, security key).

Check if the reset solved the issue by launching and testing MTA. If it didn't, perform all the earlier steps on the router's configuration for one last time.


None of this worked? Then click "Reveal hidden contents" below for the final resolutions.



And despite having re-installed your PC (as you claimed) it still doesn't work?

Then there's now a very limited list of possible culprits:

- Your ISP (internet provider) has done something wrong, or needs to replace a faulty router/modem. Contact your ISP.

- You are somehow installing the wrong network drivers (having done that before re-installing, and repeating that afterwards out of habit; like trust in that you have been and are downloading the right driver.. or installing and using the same "driver updater/finder" software that you had before the re-install, which may have caused partially corrupted network drivers to land which can cause problems with certain apps or games like MTA). Try uninstalling the device from Device manager completely, and taking the drivers from the official vendor page for the adapter model listed in device manager.

- You are doing something else out of habit after the re-install, like using software that changes (network) settings, messes with your system without your knownledge, or infects your PC immediately back to its infected state from when the problem started. Think back to the day you first started having the connection problem; what did you install or change? Try not to do anything unnecesary after re-installing your PC to avoid interference and single out possible culprits.

Also installing the same security product with a firewall/web protection feature that may block MTA / GTA connections, is a possible culprit. Disable any firewall or antivirus temporarily, long enough to test if your connections will now succeed. If they do, whitelist MTA and the gta_sa.exe / proxy_sa.exe processes so that traffic can pass through. If you re-installed your PC, its unlikely to be, but you must also reset the Windows Firewall settings to default and prevent any software from customizing it. If this doesn't work, set all zones to Disabled (disable the whole firewall) and try again.

- Your network adapter/card is faulty. However, if you really did also try another PC despite re-installing Windows, this isn't possible.

The first option (ISP problem) can be verified by going elsewhere/connecting to another network and testing if your PC can suddenly have MTA connect to servers.



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