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We just relaunched and now all of our bans have been lifted please if you would like to come join us you should all be unbanned the people who were banned anyways 


Hope to see you all in game soon server ip mtasa://

https://discord.gg/WqTENhE this is our discord server link never expires 

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changed our ip because of a vps issue
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51 minutes ago, DannyDanny said:

Is there a discord server? How can people communicate with the staff when they're not in game?

I just posted the discord invite 

I apoligize for the inconvinece


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Lol.. this server was a :O up and it'll forever be that way. Find better staff members or find a new name without trash in it's background.

I was banned for telling an admin what he needs to do. He got butthurt and told me that it's 'his' server and doesn't care about the players. Oh yeah.. his name was some sort of AdamZZ... LOL

Best Admin ever!

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