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[Deathmatch] The Water Wars "Sunrise" (Alpha 0.01) [International]

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The Water Wars "Sunrise" (Alpha 0.01)


Hello! I, with my friend's, just launched a new mta server. It's simple DeathMatch server, but will try to make a unique gameplay experience for you [at an early date]. 


Here is some server information [added]:

1. 75% of map are flooded.

2. Minor mapping changes (a.i.).

3. Modified weapon's system.

4. Modified health system.

5. Boat's attach system.

6. Green zones, weapon shop, vehicles shop, vehicle's repair station, ATM system.

7. Vehicle's lock/unlock system's.

8. Vehicle radio system.

9. Glue system.

10. Special promo codes system.

11. Limited map bound's.

12. Etc.

It's only "Alpha 0.01" and our first lunch, so we will be grateful if you let us know should we continue or not. 


Server ip adressmtasa://  [Hosted]

Server social link's: 

https://t.me/waterwarmta - Our general group with news [Telegram]

https://t.me/joinchat/D6n0NAzYbjZqsnYXPr_bwQ - Our community free chat [Telegram]

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