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Hello, I would like to ask how can I delete my account

Thank you for your time

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Because I am not using it.

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Procedure to request removal of your account:
- Send a forum PM to jhxp and subsquently send a confirmation message to the e-mail address he'll return to you, using the e-mail linked to your forum account.
The response window may vary, feel free to send a few reminders if it's not getting processed swiftly.

- Subject to the following requirements to become and remain egilible for account removal:

* Do not attempt to get any posts removed or edit anything in a bid to get rid of its content; we will anonimize the poster as part of our account removal procedure.
Your desire to leave our community doesn't warrant pulling apart existing forum discussions and creating discrepancies.

* You will no longer access the account for 14 days straight prior to our scheduled removal of the account.
This means that we will effectively remove the account 14 days after you sent us a request to do so.
Easiest way to ensure this is to log out from the account using the Forum's Logout feature after doing all of the above mentioned things.

If there's a lack of activity on your profile, specifically a lack of posts, it may be possible (upon our discretion) to simplify the removal procedure.

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