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What's your favorite gta game?


What is your favorite gta game?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite gta game?

    • GTA 1 or 2
    • GTA 3
    • GTA Vice City
    • GTA San Andreas
    • GTA 4

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comon u all...

gta 1 rulez!

i know its antique but its great...

it was the firct pc game i actually got addicted to. :wink:

last time i played it while getting san andreas. like 3 mouths ago... :roll:

nostalgy rulez

but the iming there is terrible...

i hate the pistol weapon there its impossible to aim... :x

btw u know that its including the cities

liberty city

san andreas

and vice city

in this order.

its so cool...

but actually means its the end of gta :shock: (nooo! :cry: )

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I remember the old days back on the old laggy GTA2 Network, having the face offs in Downtown ;D

People are still playing it today :) , but you have to download GTA2 Game Hunter which finds more players to play with.

GTA1 i first remember playing on the PS, when it first hit the stores. Getting chased by those orange people and leading them to the rails.

/me relives the memories.

Yup, and i think those yellow dudes were Buddist Monks

and when you run them over...


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GTA1 i first remember playing on the PS, when it first hit the stores. Getting chased by those orange people and leading them to the rails.

/me relives the memories.

rofl! that's so funny cuz that's all i did.. go punch out that first guy and then they all start chasing you and u run across the train rails and they all get fried, and u get a bonus.. kinda like running over the whole group of elvis impersonators in GTA2.. "Elvis has left the building!" haha memories.

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Imo, I think gta 1 was one of the greatest 2d games created along with wwf arcade, super mario bros., worms and other great 2d games.

I guess what we can realise from this topic

is that graphics and special effects

are not what make a game fun,

but what the game's

concept is about;

"Open ended mission structure - complete jobs the way YOU want to."

Thats what made the GTA series so popular

Nice graphics are just the

little touches that

let us play while

makeing it feel more realistic

(and it wont hurt your eyes like bad graphics)

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id say vc

awesome modding, awesome cheating, awesome mta, awesome missions, awesome running, awesome modding, awesome music, the nightclub (omg i forgot what its called!!!), the mta spawn roof (lol), aweosme stunting, no bike / driving / shooting levels, awesome modding, best longevity

r.i.p. to the maically non-working cd after my friend used it for mta...

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I would have to say my favorite is the one I haven't played for the longest amount of time.

I used to think GTA3 was my favorite but I started feeling nostalgic for VC after months of playing it. I'm sure the same would be true with SA. All of them have their own unique feel and atmosphere that drives me back.

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I love gta2, its the first gta I played. but i like vice city more just by a little margin. imo vice city was just the most controversal game which did stuff other games didnt and couldnt, its was just the most fun ever. i remember the first time i saw the screen with vice city on (my bro installed it first) he was in a red banshee at about 1am gametime. gta2 is my second fav because of the way its just generally so fun. also its a 2d game which looks 3d >.> and those rocket tanks on it are a completely different story :D :D :D

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I voted for Vice City because of the years I played it on mta, but the map is only small, so you get bored of what to do with it, One thing I like about San Andreas tho is the map size, Ive had the game since it came out and Im still finding new places on the map 8)

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Vice City has everything best GTA has ever had, and the main part of that is the charming perfectly made atmosphere of the 80's.

By the way, this part is the best for stunting, so that's a huge +

That's why my favourite GTA game is Vice City :]

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