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What's your favorite gta game?


What is your favorite gta game?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite gta game?

    • GTA 1 or 2
    • GTA 3
    • GTA Vice City
    • GTA San Andreas
    • GTA 4

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Vice City. The game runs smoothly, and I love stunting in Vice City. Unlike San Andreas, full of bugs, and the rep glitches. I hate SA.

Basically the same as what i thought. MTA for VC is nice, obiously its glitchy at times however for SA i have to decide when then release comes.

For single player SA ( for PS2 which i own ) has some better features then VC however buggy at times which is a downfall, story line is better for SA also.

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I'm a carrot :shock:

You’re just lucky I put away the juicer.

Vice City. The game runs smoothly, and I love stunting in Vice City.

Same. I just love the handling with vice city. It's so fun and (like you said) is great for stunting. I hope mta blue makes vice city more fun to play with.

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What is your favourite gta game?

After playing EVERY GTA in SinglePlayer mode,:arcade:

i decided that i like them all equally,

but when playing MTA I will only use gta3.

I have all these for PC on discs (runs smoother on the disc version)

GTA1- the birth of the GTA series and even today i think its a fun game

GTA:London- same as the first with a different map and cars

GTA2-Way better graphics and effects then previous games

GTA3- full 3d, and a real city atmosphere

GTA:Vice City- Helicopters and bikes are intoduced(wheres the hills?)

GTA:San Andreas- Cram packed with features (and a JETPACK :wink: )

and by the way...

I'm a carrot :shock:

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everyone sayin SA is buggy n shit.. i have it for pc (which it stopped running for some unknown reason) and for xbox, it was always buggy for pc but almost flawless for xbox.. xcept the one that i can remember where in gang wars sometimes the CPU are too stupid and run the other way..

i love the original, gta2 is even better, gta3 even better in most ways, vice city i was kind of disappointed but it has it's good points too, SA i love(d)..

LCS i kinda wanna try out. my 2 and a half cents.

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SA is still quite buggy on the PS2 Version of the game, myself falling through the ground, jetpack sometimes plays around, when the cars crash they all colide into each other etc.

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