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[Question] Help with choosing best VPS


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i'm trying to buy a fast and suitable VPS that can handle more than 100 players,

And keeping its speed the same. (i'm not really good at VPS plans and i don't know what works for MTA Servers).

So i have this VPS Plan that i got from OVH and i don't know if it's good or not:


is it good ? for what i want ?


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i can give you some knowledge for choosing best vps the plan you show above is good next to ask them weather space is ssd or hdd ssd will be much better then hdd for fast and smooth performance for your gameservers !and mainly buy a vps which have ddos protection recommended

and a average plan vps also best for 100+players for ex: 512mb ram with 1gb space can also give best performance for your gameserver with 100+ players !

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Thank you,

So i found that there is a plan with VPS SSD:


can this plan be good for my server, with a website in the same VPS ?

and also i want to know what's the difference in these and what is the best:

Debian 9 (Stretch)

Debian 8 (Wheezy)

Debian 7 (Jessie)


and is Debian a good choice ?

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if you plan to run your website on Apache, it doesn't take up much memory. but you might require quite some memory if you run poorly constructed Php or javascript (which most available CMS aren't). MTA Server doesn't take up much memory either. So, as per my estimation, a 2 GB system will be able to handle it pretty well provided you host only your website (which I suppose will be a forums type thing for your server) and the server itself. but if you are not on a budget and got money to spare a bit, go for a 4 GB mem system just to be on the safe side. 8 GB is a total overkill for this small, we generally use 8GB+ for things like model training, and stuffs like those. And SSD or HDD won't matter much for MTA server itself but the MySQL server which you will be running for that website will take a difference between HDD and SSD and NVMe SSD. So, Try to get a VPS with SSD Storage and 2 GB min memory (4 GB preferred). Just make sure that they have good bandwidth and good network speeds. Try to get the location in the European region ( My 1st Preference-> Netherlands, 2nd Preference-> Germany, 3rd Preference-> France). a KVM will be better since they provide full virtualization, but KVMs are priced more than OpenVZ. OpenVZ will also work well, but you must remember that the hardware in OpenVZ will be like "Share the CPU to all and limit users to their memory only" whereas, in KVM, it's more like a separate "hardware" inside the host hardware, like your own little virtual hardware, available only to you.
As for OS, since you're new to VPS stuff, I would suggest you start with Ubuntu 16.04, if that's available.
One more thing, explore hosts before you buy, read reviews, compare plans, ask experts for advice on hosts. And be careful from hosts that oversell.
You can contact me on Discord if you need more help up: FlaMe#070

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