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Funny bugs, that you just have to find cool or laugh at


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yeah 3b is out most are happy (cept those bitchy people, man I hate them) but yeah Im glade works freaking awsome played the longest I ever have online :) but alas there are some bugs, as I uinderstand its a bteta, and that it ewas pre released I am not here to bitch about it, but alas, laugh at it, with other who have found it, so I'll list a few funny ones, anyone find any others tell me, nice to have a good laugh

1. this happens everyso often I spawn all the cars are there then BANG one of em freaks out for no reason fly's to a side and mess's up all the other cars, then sometimes it drives off :) when ever I spawn I always look for this one as its quiet a thing to see.

2. teleporting, yes we've all had it, but it's still funny, as I called for a pick up from someone, he came over, gave me his car and I started driving, then BOOM im teleported into a dodo :) after a bit of handbreaking I got free and found myself with everyone, very usefull

3. this is just something I find funny, you see about 1000's cars everywhere, when people die/leave or get a new car those stay there, I see hundreds by the side of the road, userally at the same place , I myself find it kind of funny,

4. mafia dosn't work and yet, it does ;)

5. A dodo felll from the sky and into a demolition durby, that was funny :)

6. when teleporting, park of the car getting stuck into the ground, it looks funny some times

7 when teleporting, the car gets warped :)


9. after fliping my car, it right's hitself.... into the brick wall next to me :)

thats all i can tink of for about 2 hours of play :) anyone got anything good just say it.

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