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[MTA:CS]Multi Theft Auto Counter Strike[International]

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Multi Theft Auto Counter Strike
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This server is a freshly new server made by
3 people @GamerKid and some developers.
our goal is to bring a fun and taled enviroment for 
others to enjoy and play, together without any

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  • interface based on CS: Source
  • full dynamic and easy customizable weapons & shop (including grenades as flashbang, decoy; nightvision goggles etc.)
  • own damage system
  • carrying weapons on the back, C4 in the hands
  • spectator mode with freecam and "wallhacking" friends from your team and weapons on ground
  • weapon drop
  • planting & defusing bomb
  • hostages
  • server Message of The Day, global news, new version notification and auto update
  • master server list
  • Rock The Vote and nominating maps to the next vote; auto vote after 30 rounds
  • support for different languages (standard is english and polish)

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    6.jpg                3.jpg         1.jpg        4.jpg
    Rendered Image

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Discord link rip [*]

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