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any way to escape the country tag?


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The mechanism used by servers to look up your country is taking your IP and performing a (perhaps offline) lookup of your ISP's country, either by a dynamic location check or IP range country (ip2c) file. So once the server knows your IP, there's no way to prevent the server from linking it to a country, as it does so independently. Because you need a valid IP address to join any MTA server (obviously) it will be able to geolocate the IP you're using.

This explanation is pure logic, and also goes on to show no game or application can reliably implement a technical workaround to help users conceal their country (IP address) because after all, your connection gets established. Thinking further from that point there is only 1 solution thinkable; changing your IP, concealing it with for example a VPN that isn't located in your own country. You can find plenty of anonimizer VPN's and proxies with a simple web search.


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Yeah, you can play with a VPN. But I'm asking a noob question: if you don't have a great computer and/or a great internet connection, won't the VPN slow you down and prevent you from playing? I've got a friend with a craptastic PC and he can't even use a VPN to browse internet sites without his computer being ridiculously slow.

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Using of VPN can get you banned in many server's as according to them VPN is used for misusing by the means of lag so that it can provide you with some benefits. So i suggest do not use a VPN. But why do you want to get your country hidden?

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