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Why does proxy_sa.exe start instead of gta_sa.exe?
Nvidia freestile does not work with it.
Previously, always started gts_sa.exe

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Open MTA\logs\logfile.txt and search for "Using proxy_sa because"
To resolve AltTabFix: Don't use Settings->Video->Fullscreen mode->Standard. Select either Windowed or Fullscreen->Borderless window
To resolve AltModules: Ensure gta DLLs are originals.
    eax.dll should be 184KB with MD5 of 309D860FC8137E5FE9E7056C33B4B8BE
    ogg.dll should be 36KB with MD5 of 0602F672BA595716E64EC4040E6DE376
    vorbis.dll should be 1036KB with MD5 of 2840F08DD9753A5B13C60D6D1C165C9A
    vorbisfile.dll should be 64KB with MD5 of 2B7B803311D2B228F065C45D13E1AEB2

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