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White Boy

How to add new places in the car

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Good day, I would like to ask you, is it possible to increase the number of seats in the transport in the MTA?
For example :
Boats, yachts to make 2 or 4-seater.
Voodoo do 4-seater because there is a rear seat, or in the aircraft to add more seats, etc.
If this is really done, how?
Thank you in advance for your answers.
Добрый день, я бы хотел спросить у вас, возможно ли в МТА увеличить кол-во мест в транспорте?
Например :
Лодки,яхты сделать 2-4 местными.
Вуду сделать 4-х местную ибо там есть задние сиденья, или же в самолёты добавить больше мест и т.д.
Если это реально сделать, то как?
Заранее спасибо за ваши ответы.

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Definitely, it's not possible. However, you can script some attaching method to make possible more than 4 people can go in a 4-seat car.

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i made an 'extra seats' resource when I used to script here, basiically making any vehicle have an infinite amount of seats. Try attaching players to the vehicle, making them invisible and setting their camera to focus on the driver to simulate the effect. 

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