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[Battle Royale]Backnite[International]

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We are a group of young developers known on the stage of Multi Theft Auto, who wants to throw in a few interesting and innovative plans for the development of our server.

Backnite is an international server based on the Battle Royale mode. This mode is known mainly from games like PUBG, Fortnite or the newest version of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Probably your first question that comes to your mind will be: “Will the game be based only on Battle Royale?” Of course not, because it would be too boring for long-time playing. To prevent this, we added Story Mode. In this mode you must simply do quests and empathize with the story.


  • Login and Register System
    System of logging and registration was designed to be simple and easy to use, because we want to create server that everyone will find in it easily. At the beginning, you can set your main language that will be supported during the game. All of your data that you leave with us is fully secured thanks to the latest encryption techniques, so nothing can get out of our database.





  • GUI
    A simple interface can be found not only in the login panel, but in every place of our GUI. Whole concept of lobby design has been inspired by the PUBG and Fortnite. You can find many of similarities, but nothing was cloned 1:1.




  • Friends system
    Don’t play alone! We create a brilliant friends system, which is a simply way to play with your friends After you add your friend to a friends list, you can see, is he online or in a game. If he is not in a game you can invite him to a lobby and play together against another people.


  • Shop
    At the start of creating Backnite we won’t to create a another Pay2Win game. The only things you can buy on our server are visual changes It’s just only a skin customization including weapons, parachute skins and everlasting designs. You can find a lot of them in beautiful designs. The also have rarity lecels like most popular, epic and legendary. The don’t give you any bonus or advantage to be better at the game.




  • Cabinet
    Here you can search and equip your purchased skins. The possibilities of customization are infinite. Each of our weapons may have a different skin, but nothing stands in the way to color all weapons same!


  • Lobby settings
    In left down corner of your screen you can find lobby settings. There you can change game mode and number of players. After you setup the game lobby you can invite you friends to it and play together reliving amazing adventure.



After the game start in Battle Royale mode, you will be moved to the waiting room and wait for all players to be connected. Current status of the player you can find in upper right corner. Time to start the game is under the map. Game will not start until enough people connect.


To better know some problem of our players we create a support website, on which you can directly inform us about your ideas, or found bugs or any kind of problems. You can always search our database to find needed solutions, or just simply create a new ticket to find a solution as fast as possible.

Can not join the server? Have problem to reach our homepage? Go to status page to check current server status, planned maintenance work, or a latency between you and the server.

Want to be part of our server and translate it on our native language? In that case, we need you very much!
Backnite is a international serwer, that’s why we need translators to reach more people and countries all around the world!
Current status of translation to other languages you can check clicking to this link.

To create that big project like Backnite we still searching for new talented people, that can help us. If you are programmer, 3D modeler, graphic designer we are waiting for you! Simpy send us message on Discord and attach to it your portfolio. If you are not good at this things, you can also give us your propositions.

At the end of the advertisement.
If you reach to this part of our ad, and you read it all, we hope that you are now interested in our project. That’s not all things that we can offer you. We are reading all of your suggestions and we try to implement all of them to create server that will make you happy. If you want to follow our project and enjoy its community you need to arrive on our Discord, Facebook, Twitter and forum. See you in game!

Backnite Team. ©



  • @Backer - CEO of the project, Lead LUA Developer
  • @Pumelowsky -  3D Object Creator, Polish Translator
  • @KingMoses - Web Developer, System Administrator
  • @QuoVaids -  Map maker, Story mode designer, Polish Translator
  • @DHXtR - Graphic designer


Stay tuned with our project, following us on our Social Media!


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Hello dear players!

It's been a long time since the announcement came out and it's time to put the plan into practice. However, before this happens, we need to run a number of server tests. We would like you to help us with testing and finding errors. If you are willing to help with server tests, write a simple application for beta tester according to the form given below and send it to us on our email: backniteofficial@gmail.com or on our fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialBacknite/ in private message. 
You can send applications in English or Polish, because we don't support other languages yet. If you want to become a member of Backnite Team and you know english and other foreign language very well you can become our translator. Send us message that you want to become a member of our team and add language that you can translate server to.

Good luck!

Backnite Team. ©

Time to send applications for beta tester ends: 28 December 2018



Do you have discord? (YES/NO):
Why you?:


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