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SetElementPosition [ Trouble ]


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Hello !

         Below code working find without any error !

function ()
    function (p)

When player login, button 1 will bind to the function. So, when player press 1 key, he will wrap in to the position. But the problem is, when player in a vehicle, he wouldn't wrap into the position... ! There's a way to solve this like if player in a vehicle when he press 1, vehicle will destroy and player wrapped into the position. But,  I want to wrap the player to the position without destroying the vehicle. Are there any way to troubleshoot by problem ? or any alternative way ? Please Help Me !


heheey ! There's a  function called 'removePedFromVehicle'. That was helped me in this occasion !! Thank You @removePedFromVehicle ..!! :lol:

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Problem Resolved !
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1 hour ago, Dzsozi (h03) said:

Check if the player is in a vehicle and then set the vehicle’s position as well.

local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(p)
if vehicle then
  setElementPosition(vehicle, 0, 0, 5)


what if player should wrap to one position and his vehicle to another position ?

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