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A new programming language

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Hi there,

              I started a tiny project which involves developing a new programming language. For now, it will be an extremely light weight programming language with only declarations, arithmetics, std I/O features. It is platform independent. Once the basic beta is released, and if people are familiar with the easy syntax, I will develop it further providing more libraries, features and documentation.

             I have started working on the project. Approx. 200 lines have been appended to my github. I will share my github profile once I'm done with the basic functionalities. If you want to contribute to the project, then you need to adhere to the requirements.


  • Good C++ knowledge. (at least 5/10 in C++).
  • Good programming practices. Good readable code should be written.
  • Should know about how top-down parsers, lexers and ICG works. This is because, I'm not using YACC or other pre-built tools to build my programming language. I'm building my own lexers, parsers from scratch.
  • Should know good english. (9/10)


Once you're fine with these requirements, you can contact me here. Once I finish developing the basic functionalities, we can get started on the project. (in case you want to contribute).

with regards,


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