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Hello guys
i have edited the Lighter black skin ( CGUI.png and CGUI.lnf file )

and this is a photo for the new one


so if you want to download it just click here
how to install ?

1- download the file

2- extract the winrar file ( you will find skins.exe )

3- open skins.exe

4- put your mta sa path

5- click Extract

6- set the skin form tha game's settings



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On 23/10/2018 at 00:55, AriosJentu said:

Light style, but dark combobox list. What? Why?

Hello ariosJentu and thank you for your comment

I can change its color and the girldlist's color too but the problem is ( I can't find the TEXT color code .. I should create it by myself )

The Text color is white so I should make the background's color black so you can see the text easily

This is my first edit .. I didn't do everything

But I am still working on it (I don't have enough time for the game I have other works too)

Thank you .. 😊

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