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problem playing over a lan

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ok so other people have posted the same thing but i dont think it relates to this. i have 4 computers on a lan. im only gonna use 3 of them: 1 as a edicated server and the other 2 for players. when i type in the IP and port number of the server, the light in the corner starts blinking and the server comes up saying "another player tried to connect under same IP" and when the client press's the "send game request" button, it displays in the log next to it "you died".

yea i know its new and there are errors and bugs but does anyone else have the same problem?

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the "you died" thing happens to me too, but I still can play normally,

and the "another player tried to connect under same IP" is asked in other posts, and I think it can be played normally too, but not sure

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well i tried again and ignored what it said but now, its figuring out how to start the game. once the two computers are connected, i pressed the "send game request" on the computer that first connected to the server and then it says on the 2nd computer "header found - game established". but nothing happens. i tried clicking on gta3 which was in the task bar thing at the bottem and started a new multiplayer game and the credits just come up and they repeat and nothing else happens. i did this to both computers, and yea, i did read the manual and it didnt give much info on setting up as LAN game.

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You can run the host on the same one you are playing. no need for a sever computer on a lan. setup your server, launch server ,launch gta3 (without starting a game just the music credits is fine ) by hitting alt and tab to get to desktop type in your own ip and a nickname in the box and hit connect and send game request ignore the you died etc. hit the minimized gta3 icon in the task bar start a new game choose MTA Now if you get a loop exit gta3 fully but leave the server running and just restart Gta3 then hit alt and tab again put your ip and a nick and you should see a little of the credits then be on the roof and away you go by the way choose diablos because a issue is present with the mafia.

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Here is what I found. I started the dedicated server and then started both games with the ip scheme setup. I got the duplicate ip thing but not the died messages because the games were running ....lots of alt-tabbing So when I knew the credits were rolling I went back and clicked the send request option and boom the lan game was up. Took a few tries and some tinkering but it worked hope you have the same luck I did.....ps dont run this with version 1.0 just didn't play as well as 1.1

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Hi. I was kinda overjoyed when the patch for win98 came out. And i was able to jack into the game perfectly this time. But when my friend tries to connect to my lan server, I don't see his character even though he managed to enter the gta game too. He doesn't see me too. Does anyone have this problem? From what I gather, my friend should type in my computer ip address under the server ip slot. Please help.


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I have the same problem, tho when i go to the green dot on the radar there is actually another person running straight into walls?? then after i play for a little while it just restarts my pc outta no where. :(

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Man lets hope some 1 can fix this. When i 1 playd 1 guy tried 2 move a wall whit his car :roll: . I have tried on all my pc. Ámd xp 1700, P4 2.4 and P3 800. All have xp pro. We can join the Lan server but after thet blää :evil: .

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I have runtime 126 error and fixed this,

but when i can play in my lan

lots of error!!!!

Error + error + error = mta 03b

dont work in lan and dont work over internet :twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted::twisted:

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Actually, you have to synchronise the start-up sequence according to make the game run Perfectlly. (I think so... because on LAN you can ask your friend to start at the same time.)

1- Start MTA

2- Make sure everyone is on the MTA 0.3 Credit Screen waiting

3- Find any 1 computer to click send game request.

4- alt-tab back to game and wait about 5-10 sec.

5- Whola, the game has begun.

Note: Mustn't have any late joiners.

You must make sure the game run smoothly because the synchronise will bedisturbed if your game over LAG. Problem Will Occur such as player disaapeard.

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