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getPointFromDistanceRotation with z ?

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I can't figure out on how i can add z calculations for getPointFromDistanceRotation function from useful functions in wiki.

Function is like this

function getPointFromDistanceRotation(x, y, dist, angle)
	local a = math.rad(90-angle)
	local dx = math.cos(a)*dist
	local dy = math.sin(a)*dist
	return x+dx, y+dy;

but i need to add a z value as well, so it calculates how far z should go from original position to distance and angle. Anyone can help?

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I'm just lazy to explain that :~, but trust me, it's just some geometry and trigonometry, simple :~.

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yeah i already managed to do it. I just used wrong angle that's why i couldn't get it but thanks anyway!

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