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Kicked from my own server, cannot enter


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181009 Pre update two different mirc while idle. You were kick from the game (SD #5 JHSH) Ensure no other program is modyfying MTA:SA
Post update finished and rejoin... Disconnected you were kicked by (VF #4 JH8J) over and over

Rebooted VPS, did not solve. Cannot enter my own server.

I am owner, scripter, operator, admin. Server in use 2 years with no changes. Server is linux on debian 9, unknown 1.55 version number 1.52 MB (1,597,440 bytes) mta-server64

Please help

updated to latest stable linux x64 1.56 no change, cannot enter server, please help.

Disconnected you were kicked by (VF #4 JH8J)

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Apparently this problem is being caused by the MTA upgrade of 181010, on purpose. It is caused by using a bandwidth shaper, Net Limiter, or NetBalancer, because someone figured out how to cheat with it. My problem is here:


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