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I am a web developer!

I am a fan of MTA SA ❤️

But when you see their website you find it very old and works on techniques that are no longer used in our time  😐

I can support the work of a new website free of charge :)

That's my love at MTA SA ❤️

This is a preview of something simple

Redesign a small part of the home page




Experience the design

Multi Theft Auto - Redesigning

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good job

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NitroNN, I would suggest contacting the web developers directly regarding this. The website was indeed redesigned a few years ago, but they may take it negatively if you say it is "outdated". Try to approach them over private message in a friendly manner and see if they would like to try out your suggestions on a fresh look. I'm not sure of who is on the web development team these days, but I believe Blokker is still one of the original web developers from MTA's early days, and he still comes around from time to time on here.

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