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startup error "you are running a modified version of mta..."


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Hello...plz help me someone i get this message when i try to start the game, i get connected then i click "Start Game" and i get this message."You are running a modified version of MTA client. Please Reinnstall" what to do now? i have reinnstalled it, and vice city so many times:/

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If you still don't know after reading twice : Try to remove all MTA data files manually. Not by the windows taskpanel just delete them in the folders. Then redownload MTA from the site ( or if you still have the installer ) and install again.

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Upon hitting Start Game the client informs you your CLIENT is modifed.

This is an error with the way we temporarily replace some of the games files. When you install take a back up of both weapon.dat and weapon.mta from the /gta?/data/ directory and put them somewhere safe. If you get this error close the client, REPLACE both files and retry.

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