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MTA CRASHES (screenshot and mtadiag attached)


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Hello. I think that is good to say that I have been using MTA since 2013. I uninstalled MTA and GTA San Andreas some months ago (3 or 4) and yesterday installed both. But to be honest, it's the first time I have this kind of issue:

First of all, when I start up MTA, it needs several minutes to start, freezing like this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yA3TF_UPu_a6T6fY-NwCz72ioicJnNv8/view?usp=sharing
I won't lie, some servers perfectly work and even better than they used to. But, in the most part of the servers, the MTA crashes. Sometimes I get a crash report (I couldnt get a screenshot of it, long explain :P) but the most part of times it closes for its own. Before it closes, cars seems bugy, my fps aggressively drops and MTA seems very slow. This makes me think that it is a texture problem, but like I said: I play this game since 2013 and i have never got this issue. I think that could be a version problem, so I downloaded 1.5.4 version to see what happens. It won´t solve the problem forever but it's a start...

My antivirus is Microsoft Essentials, and you can see other stuff in the MTADiag pastebin: https://pastebin.mtasa.com/136010168
By the way, I have already read the MTA crashes topic (below), but my problem doesn´t fit there.

Anyways, I would apreciate it if you could help me! Thanks for reading, cheers.

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I investigated the crashes that you encountered individually and most of them can be traced back to running out of memory. There's only 1 which seems to be related to corrupt custom models (the one from your screenshot, which somehow doesn't appear in your log..) and another that might be, but could aswell be running out of memory.

You're not constantly crashing due to the 2 aforementioned model crashes, the memory crashes account for most of the crashes that you keep experiencing.

The answer may surprise you, but your PC really isn't powerful enough for your current purposes (or its performance/OS health has degraded since you last ran MTA with it). I'm trying to say that if you are playing mainly on mod-heavy or unoptimized servers with that PC, having just 2GB of RAM, these results are to be expected. You could mind the choice of servers to play on, or try solutions listed at https://forum.mtasa.com/topic/78081-32-bit-windows-crashing/ first. Your CPU can handle 64-bits Windows, so I advise you to re-install with a 64-bit OS and eventually upgrade your RAM.

I used this occasion to update the wiki page at https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Famous_crash_offsets_and_their_meaning with additional crash types (including some of yours) and advise on how to resolve performance/memory-related crashes. I recommend you to read it thoroughly (especially at the page's bottom) if you need any further assistance.


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@Dutchman101 I really apreciate the answer. I understand that my pc isn't good enough, it doesn't surprice me. What surprises me is that, over time, the mods have become increasingly demanding despite the game itself supouse to be for computers with low or medium performance (we can explain the player's ammount drop with this fact). Anyways, thanks you a lot for the answer! I will take a look at the post update. Cheers. 

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Cody is right; most 'toaster' PC's can run SA without problems, which is one of the reason MTA is flooded with players from all around the world. There's no other game with such a variety in gamemodes and possibilities that still runs fluently for them, you know, SA is an old game, and if MTA does anything to SA's performance to begin with, then it's smoothing it out. It's the invididual servers that can easily mess up, MTA exposes the GTA engine by scripting, so besides filling it up with heavy mods they can aswell mess up by highly inefficient coding practises (scripters will be able to tell you that a few lines of crappy code is capable of halving your FPS or causing a significant memory leak or drain)

From my own experience, top ranking servers of each nationality are the worst ones in regards to mod heaviness and unoptimized scripting practises. For some reason, for example all these russian and balkan "drift" / "drop" servers (or the polish, russian, and north-american RPG servers) with 2GB+ resource downloads still attract quite some players (opposed to what you'd expect as a consequence), but their own audience, which means people with PC's that can handle it, therefore revealing they are into MTA for the experience on said server, and not because their PC cannot handle any other reasonable game but MTA. That's right, these folks go there to play with gaming PC's that can run the game on a bloated server for multiple hours, (toaster would crash quickly and a mid-range but old PC may run it for a solid 20-40 mins until it crashes) while they could aswell spend their time playing modern and heavy games, but they prefer MTA due to the results said server has achieved, being unique and nearly turning MTA into a completely different, barely recognizable game. However, that comes with a toll..

It's a matter of priorities: ask yourself what kind of player you are, and whether you consider these mod-packed servers as something additional for those that can run it without issues,  or instantly the definition (your image) of MTA. In the latter case you may need to adjust to the situation..

Ah, and sorry for the essay, but I'm trying to write up a reference point for others to understand similar difficulties.

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@Dutchman101 @CodyJ(L) I understand you both, but it's a fact that the most part of the servers became high demanding. 3 months ago I could perfectly run servers that I can't even log in today.

By the way, about the corrupted textures, my GTA and MTA textures seems so bad, different than 3 months ago and I don't know why. At the begining I though it was about my GTA San Andreas, so I deleted it and downloaded another one. I reinstalled MTA too just in case, but I still having this issue.

EDIT: I found a solution for the 10 minutes to wait to the game starts up: I have to start up it, open task manager, stop Multi Theft Auto.exe and gtasa.exe processes, start over MTA and it opens perfectly. Weird but works. 

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C:\Users\(YOURUSERNAME)\Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files


and fully reinstall MTA (Delete anything that's left)

Then, run https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html

and fully reinstall your graphical drivers


Also as before, try to avoid the incredibly high download servers. Alot of servers like that just continue to add very poorly optimized bloat.

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Alright, now I understand everything. I can play like I used to without any problem. If someone want to read this, it's welcome to do it:

For some reason, my graphic drivers were not updating since 2015 and that explains everything about those corrupt textures. I did everything that @CodyJ(L) said, step by step, and that problem has gone. By the way, here is a link to download an updated version of the Intel graphic drivers https://downloadcenter.intel.com/en/?_ga=2.224136155.1963516694.1539090141-1133110961.1539085288 (you can search them by Windows version and Intel generation (i3, i4, i5, etc.)).

About the RAM memory, my MTA perfectly works if I stop all those processes that are useless to play (I leave on only system processes). I think I will not change my RAM memory to 3gb. I know my PC is compatible with that, but I'm not pretty sure about the consequences. Maybe I should wait to have more info about that.


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1 hour ago, Lukasievicz said:

About the RAM memory, my MTA perfectly works if I stop all those processes that are useless to play (I leave on only system processes). I think I will not change my RAM memory to 3gb. I know my PC is compatible with that, but I'm not pretty sure about the consequences. Maybe I should wait to have more info about that.

Sounds like typical bloating of a PC which isn't maintained very often. I also recommend you to remove needless entries from autostart (apps that launch on startup) and if you're not an advanced user, use a renowned system optimization tool (for example, google 'CCleaner' or 'Wise Care 365' and use them with all cleaning categories turned on).

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@Dutchman101 You are right! To be honest, I didn't clean my PC for a long time... but some months ago I made a complete clean of my PC (one of the reasons I deleted MTA), I didn't even know that I could reinstall graphic drivers (at least I didn't know how). And that's why I thank you both a lot guys!

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