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How can i make Automatic playing wallpapers


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local wallpaperDirectory = "wallpapers/"
local selectedWallpaper = 1

local wallpapersTable = {

function drawWallpapers()
	dxDrawImage(0, 0, 512, 512, wallpaperDirectory .. wallpapersTable[selectedWallpaper] .. ".png")
addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, drawWallpapers)

	selectedWallpaper = wallpapersTable[selectedWallpaper+1] and selectedWallpaper+1 or 1
end, 5000, 0)


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22 minutes ago, killingyasoon said:

as you can see on the title, How can i make Automatic playing wallpapers, i got 4 wallpapers and i want to play them all but 1 by 1, they get changed every 5 secs or so.

any type of help will be appreciated.

walls = {"wall_1.png","wall_2.png"} -- your wallpapers
num = 1

	num = num + 1
	if num > #walls then
		num = 1
end,3*1000,1) -- 3 seconds
	-- drawing image stuff

you can also add smooth transitions using interpolateBetween + render targets

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