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Doball's Network Test Results (MTA 0.3b)

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Equipment Used

Netgear Dual Speed Hub DS 104 (4 Port Connection Hub)

100 Mbps Network

2 CAT-5 Wires

2 computers were used in this network test.

Server Computer Spec

AMD Athlon XP 2100+

512 Mb DDR RAM

Geforce 4 MX 420

80 Gb Hard Drive

16x DVD

32x CD-RW

17" Monitor

Client Computer Spec

AMD Athlon 700 Mhz

256 Mb SD RAM

Geforce 3 TI 200

20 Gb Hard Drive

2.5x DVD-RW

4x CD-RW

17" Monitor

Server Settings

The pictures below show the settings that were used for this test.



Bugs/Problems Found

1. When I drownded in a car I respawned in the car I drowned in on the roof. This only happened once out of the three times I tried it. Also my life only dropped to 800 till I respawned.


I then drove off the roof and carried on driving around (which ment I was teamless). Then I drove into the sea again but this time I had to wait till my life count had gone down to 0. Then I respawned randomly on Staunton Island with 100 health and no weapons. My player would no longer spawn on the roof and could not be killed by the "client computer" player and I could not kill the "client computer" player.

2. When I used the "guns cheat" and respawned on the roof I lobbed a molotov cocktail (using the "client computer" player) and when it landed the game froze.


3. After the "client computer" player left the game (when he was on the respawn roof) the green dot to show where he was, was still on the mini map.


4. At one point when I was playing, the "client computer" player was invisible to me, I could only see the blue arrow above him. The wired thing was, he could see me.

Server Computer


Client Computer


5. I found a car near the Diablos base that you forgot to take out. Its not a big bug/problem but I'm just telling you what I came across.


6. After the client computer left the server it said "You died", even though the client computer wasn't in the server anymore (and the client computer was still working, it didn't explode like a computer does when it dies. It looks like the MTA client program lied :P).


7. When the client computer joined my server, it recieved a message saying "The server is full at the moment". The wired thing was, was that the client computer still connected to my server anyway. This seemed to happen everytime the client computer connected to my server.

Server Computer


Client Computer


8. The client computer could start the game, which I don't think you wanted to happen.

Server Computer


Client Computer


9. You can't see the other players strafe, instead they just turn and walk the way they are strafing. You can see your self strafe on your own computer but when you see other players they don't strafe. You probabily already knew this but I'm just saying what I came across as I said earlier :)


10. Even though I'm suspecting you will be adding police into the game in a future version of MTA, you forgot to take the police helicopter out. You can gain a wanted level by shooting the people on the roof (the one that has NPC on it) or by shooting too many players too many times. But the good thing is that the police helicopter doesn't actually shoot at you, it just follows you around.


11. Cars started spawning at random places.


12. When I was minimizing the game (on the server computer) to paste one of the pictures I had taken and I recieved a run time error, which closed the server and anything related to MTA (including Grand Theft Auto 3). This only happened once.


13. You could kill the team leaders on the respawn roof using weapons that aren't supported by MTA (yet). Even though it doesn't affect the game much it does look a bit stupid :P


14. You forgot to take out the train (which won't real matter if your going to syncronise it in a future version of MTA)


15. Players have 900 health, but they die when it goes to about 800 (well they disappear :roll:). I have recently been told by "me" (the person on the forums not actually me :P) that MTA did this to avoid the wasted message you get in Grand Theft Auto 3, but my thought would be to put the player's health at 101 and you die when it gets to 1. It will look better :P

16. If a Diablo player killed a Mafia player in the Mafia's base, when the Mafia player respawns the Diablo player automatically shoots at him when the Diablo player isn't even looking at the Mafia player or pressing the shoot button!

I hope this helps you in developing future versions of MTA. If I do any more testing I will add it to this post :D

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Number 3 happened to me. I was somewhat amused.

Did number 12... then I think I unsynced with the server I was playing on.

Did number 15 - actually tried punch/kicking both of them to put them in different spots .. didn't work :(

I was gonna post about the smoking car/splash in the river bit but glad to see somebody else took care of that (with pictures too.. if they worked).

I heard somebody mention that some free msn group pages are good for posting pictures on. Dunno how well that works.

never could get a lan game going (one machine was win98 - mebbe that's why).

I didn't try the original mta.exe file in win98 but the patch one doesn't seem to save the console settings for whether you're using 1.0 or 1.1. It worked fine for Win2k though (with original mta.exe file). Maybe something in the code got broken?

All in all a good mod. Definately the best I've tried so far - .2 crashed my system and ggm was ok but funky (no syncing).



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Going off topic here but this is the most usefull bug testing post i've seen. Theres actually been some thought put into it and he hasnt bitched about it. Good Job on your testing DoBall

This isn't going off topic, this is giving me feedback on my testing (and being friendly :P). The reply you sent are ones that will make me do further testing.

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I heard somebody mention that some free msn group pages are good for posting pictures on. Dunno how well that works.

I am currently getting some hosting so I can host the pictures, so for those of you who can't see the pictures, you should be able to soon :D

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Do you know why the Bridge Closed?

According to by POV...

This 0.3b MTA was build to play on Portland only. As you can see the bridge is Blocked. To further my point, you can see there are NO free car parked on the road.

The reason why they me it like this is because to help the game to prevent Lagging and Missplace. Of course every body know, a computer lack of ram will cause lagging or Perodic lagging.

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It could be the settings of Internet Explorer. Sometimes mine doesn't show the pictures, but most of the time it does. I haven't changed the picture host yet, because the person who is setting me up an account (Riot) hasn't done it yet :(

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you could sign up to geocities or tripod and upload the pics there, but it would mean you would have to use hyperlinks to the pictures instead of displaying them here, they dont wanna lose bandwith. i think yahoo do a service where you can store 30mb of pictures(?), something like yahoo briefcase or whatever, i see it when i log into my email account (on yahoo)

i also have a lan and im having similar problems. the people just stand on top of the roof and do nothing, i thought they were meant to do something.

oh yea, and keep up the good work.

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About the health-only-dropping-to-800 thing...

it's supposed to be like that... you really only have 100 health, but it says you have 900.

they did this to avoid the game from doing the standard "wasted!" thing, and putting you in staunton... also, the colors would fade, and that messed stuff up...

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I couldn't get the game to connect to any servers but it was kind of weird when a car dropped from the sky next to me...and there was this invulnerable guy who would just run at the wall.

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nothing new..

i got cars teleporting all over the place, cars teleporting half inside me knocking me over then teleporting away

again and again, cars stuck inside eachother, invlu people, cars teleporting troughout the entire map and what-not, wait for version 9.7 :)

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About the health-only-dropping-to-800 thing...

it's supposed to be like that... you really only have 100 health, but it says you have 900.

they did this to avoid the game from doing the standard "wasted!" thing, and putting you in staunton... also, the colors would fade, and that messed stuff up...

Yeah but they could have put 101 health and let it go to 1 then the person would die, would make it look better than 900 :P, but it is only beta so it don't really matter :P

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I have changed all the links to the new host (which is hosting the pictures), so they should all work now. Also the pictures are full size now, so they will take longer to load (well not if your on broadband it won't :P) but us 56kers will have to suffer :(

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