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[FREE] PUBG Gamemode


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Hello there folks!

As maybe some of you might know that i created pubg gamemode like half a year ago and it pretty much didn't work out. So i sold it, and it apparently got leaked several times on brazilian forums, which is a bit of sad thing but it's all ok. Because of this situation i decided to release it from my side as well 'cause why not. As i believe here isn't any pubg related gamemode released, so i might be as well first. Right? :D Gamemode has language system as well, so you can add as many languages to server as you want. Alright, will stop talking. I'll add here few pictures of the gamemode which were taken right when i finished working on it. So those images are pretty old.

p.s keep in mind, that this gamemode has few flaws but if you fix them and add few things to it. It can be really strong start for a really good damn server. So good luck to any of you who will put time into it!

edit: forgot to put a link :D here it is: https://github.com/rivor/pubg-mta








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no aims.....the blue field moves tooo fast and without effect......bug in parachute....no ammo and helmet pickup with 2nd button mouse....and much more...........anyway.....thanks

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