(dayz)GTA:SA DayZ Version 1.0[International]Walking Dead|FreeBase|Base building

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Hey guys! I am KGK|Shallow i am the owner of a new MTA DayZ server called: GTA:SA DayZ Version 1.0[GERMANY|EUROPE]Walking Dead|FreeBase|Airdrop|PVP|100+Veh|Groupskins ! 
Like the title tells its DayZ we are International so you can talk in every Language that you want.

So the Features of the server are:
 Base building, much more loot than normal, groupskins, free bases, big bought bases,shops, safezones, many mapped military points, car mods, many clothes, weaponskins, Airdrop(you can call own airdrop with tear gas), change able snipercrosshairs, car modshop,get out of heli by a rope, much more.


Server ip:


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