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Leo Messi

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So okay, I've got an email script from the MTA SA community which lets you able to send an email by using a specified GUI ingame and u put the email that you want to send to, like leox@hotmail.com

Well, so seems like the PHP link has expired, has anyone another link?

local randomMails = {"contactus@server.com", "helpdesk@server.com", "noreply@server.com", "costumersupport@server.com", "register@server.com"}
function fromRandom()
    return randomMails[math.random(#randomMails)]

function sendCustomMail(subject, header, sendto, mail)
    local header = "From: "..subject.." <"..(header or fromRandom())..">"
    callRemote("http://mta.skcit.tk/emailer.php", returns, subject, header, sendto, mail) -- This website is not available any more so add the PHP files in your own website and put URL here.
addEvent("sendEMail", true)
addEventHandler("sendEMail", root, sendCustomMail)

function returns(msg, num)
    if msg == "ERROR" or (not msg) then
        outputDebugString("E-Mail not sent due to webpage errors, check the script and/or page provided.", 2)
        outputDebugString(msg, num or 3)


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